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This discipline is multi-faceted, straddling marketing strategies, user experience, visuals design, iconography, animation, navigation, screen transitions, data visualization, and more. But all this is preceded by an intelligent plan which positions a firm's products and services as unparalleled in value. Talk to your end user in a manner that s/he cannot say no, and legitimately conquers competition. Once this strategy is scripted, a persona and user path are initially sketched conceptually. Which navigation and screens will offer our persona the quickest and most intuitive path towards his objectives (buying a PC in this case) and the most engaging experience? Should we offer John the ability to save preferences, favorite items, save a cart, create alerts, price compare with other sellers, accept text messaging, share products on facebook, and to force a subscription? What is too much, and what is crucial to grow business? The latter is the primary focus; it guides all other considerations.


How will this app gain traction through sharing? What should be that shared communication? When should sharing commence: during app adoption, or later? Perhaps users wish to save their progress in this session to complete later. Will info graphics be more effective than text? A/B testing can refine strategies, as will regional marketing.


NYDesign helps plan your strategy and design and deploy a user experience intelligently built for success.

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Email Design


Key art, iconography, design