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This discipline is multi-faceted, straddling marketing strategies, user experience, visual design, iconography, animation, navigation, screen transitions, data visualization, and more. But all this is preceded by an intelligent plan which positions a firm's products and services as unparalleled in value.


Present your products and services with images and verbiage that utterly defeat competition—boldly impress your audience with your competitive edge. Once this strategy is scripted, a persona and user path are diagrammed. Which navigation and screens will offer our persona the most intuitive path towards his/her objectives and the most engaging experience? Should we offer users the ability to save preferences, favorite items, save a cart, create alerts, price compare with other sellers, accept text messaging, share products on facebook, and force a subscription? What is too much, and what is crucial to grow business? The latter is the primary focus; it guides all other considerations. How will this app gain traction through sharing? What should be that shared communication? When should sharing commence: during app adoption, or later? Perhaps users wish to save their progress in this session to complete later. Will info graphics be more effective than text? A/B testing can refine strategies, as will regional marketing. NYDesign helps plan your strategy and design, intelligently deploying a user experience built for success.

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Key art, iconography, design